Registration of Dental Technicians in South Carolina

In accordance with Statutory Authority 1976 Code 40-15-10 et.seq, the State of South Carolina requires registration of dental technicians who perform dental laboratory technology in the State.

The following information and requirements for registration apply:
  1. The S. C. State Board of Dentistry has no reciprocal arrangement with any other jurisdiction
  2. No applicant shall be examined by the Board to practice as a dental technician unless he or she shall:
    • Present such evidence of good moral character as is required by the Board.
    • High School Graduate or equivalent; complete two (2) year course of study in a school for dental technological work acceptable to the Board or, in the alternative, has performed dental technological work under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist or registered dental technician for a period of three (3) years.
    • Complete the application for registration as a dental technicians on the form furnished by the Board at least forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the examination. In making the application, the applicant authorizes the Board to verify the information contained in the application or to seek such further information pertinent to the applicant’s qualification or character as the Board may deem proper.
    • Pay to the Board a fee as prescribed by the Board at the same time the application is received by the Board. Current fee is $102.00
  3. The Board shall require each applicant to successfully complete an examination before each applicant is registered. The examination may be given either orally, or in writing, or by requiring a practical demonstration of the applicant’s skill, or by any combination of such methods as the Board may in its discretion require. Currently a written professional (multiple-choice) test, and an examination on the Dental Practices Act of S. C. (given as an open book test) are administered.  Exceptions: Certified Dental Technicians are not required to take the professional examination, however, the examination on the State’s Dental Practices Act must be administered.  The Board may automatically disqualify any person who may be detected using or attempting to use any unfair assistance during the exam.
  4. Re-registration of dental and orthodontic technicians: A recent change in re-registration became effective for 2018 covering a two year period (2018-2019) and places a penalty for late submission.  This change requires additional information on work performed and a signed statement of accuracy and includes completion of eight (8) hours of approved continuing dental education in the past two consecutive calendar years prior to renewal.

    To receive an application for registering as a Dental Technicians contact the SC State Board of Dentistry at 803-896-4599 or the SC Dental Laboratory Association at 864-809-5587 for additional information.

Application and Registration Changes

The above information is taken from the SC Dental Policies; however, the State Board of Dentistry has recently made changes to the requirements for registering in SC.  Those changes are administrative.

(1) Certified Dental Technicians who have a valid CDT number that is current with the National Association of Dental Laboratories are exempt from the professional examination as administrated by the State Board.

(2) Likewise, some of the personal information and documents required on the application for dental technicians may not be required from those CDT's since such information was previously furnished and is on file with the National Certification Board.

(3) All applicants are required to take the written examination on the SC Dental Practices Act.  This examination is an open book examination.  Applicants are mailed the examination along with the textbook.  Only the completed examination must be submitted to the State Board with the applicants retaining the textbook.

(4) Currently applicants who  may be required to participate in the professional examination as administered by the State Board are scheduled based on individual arrangements between applicants and the State Board of Dentistry.

The requirement for submission of applications 45 days in advance is currently held in allegiance.  Applications accepted any time.


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