To register for membership, please send your completed application along with your membership fee to: Executive Director, SC Dental Laboratory Association, PO Box 2721, Spartanburg, SC 29304.  To download an application in PDF format, click here. (If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version from

Regular Membership:

Laboratory owners or designated managers - membership fee: $300.00 annually. (Invoiced $75 quarterly.)

Associate Membership:

Individuals (except laboratory owners) who are actively engaged in dental laboratory technology or who may have an interest in such associate fee: $60.00 annually.

Vendor Membership:

Manufacturers, dental companies and representatives fee: $150.00 annually.

New membership special: For a limited time, new regular members will only pay $75 for the initial quarter (sent with the completed application), and dues for the next quarter are exempt. Additionally, current association members who recommend a new member will be exempt from paying dues for the next quarter ($75) for the billing period following the actual affiliation of the new member. Contact us with questions or details.


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SCDLA - PO Box 2721 - Spartanburg SC - 29304 - Telephone: 864.809.5587 - Fax: 864.576.1490